What makes a thriving spinout and start-up ecosystem?.

Investment Opportunities in the Midlands.

By Dr. Helen Turner

I was invited to speak at an insightful panel discussion 上周,他与博赫斯特就英国中部地区的投资格局以及大学在促进经济增长方面所扮演的角色进行了讨论.

Beauhurst’s research is regularly used by investors, financial services institutions, government departments, think tanks, 以及大学了解创新景观和帮助确定政策.


A report (download here) 由MICRA委托制作,由博赫斯特制作,它分析了这个行业,包括一些令人印象深刻的成就:

· Last year saw a record £665m invested in Midlands-based companies

· 132 spinouts were created from Midlands Innovation universities

· The Midlands is a hotbed for spinouts in the sector of ‘Analytics, 洞察和工具”(专注于大数据和人工智能的软件公司)和“研究工具/试剂”(用于研究和制造的化学和生物反应的专业测试)

So why did our region only secure 5% of the £13.5bn invested in UK companies? 我们的地区资金不足吗? Midlands Innovations的八所大学如何帮助加强创新生态系统?

I was joined by David Coleman, University of Birmingham Enterprise, Trevor McMillan, Chair of Midlands Innovation and VC for Keele University Henry Whorwood, Head of Research and Consultancy at Beauhurst, 布伦伍德科技公司总经理大卫·哈德曼和来自英国商业银行的爱丽丝·胡·瓦格纳谈论了这份报告的发现. Here are my key takeaways from the discussion.

Beauhurst report

Knowledge Exchange is Vital.

Alice Hu Wagner参加了MICRA的启动仪式,她思考了协调初创企业之间获取资金的最佳方式的知识交流的重要性, which can traditionally fall victim to regional inequalities.

Cementing the value of knowledge exchange further, David Hardman pointed out: “The joy of knowledge is the more you use it, the more you get,我同意这一说法,并阐明了Midlands Innovation的全部内容.

我们的目标是促进知识交流,而不仅仅是在大学内部, 而是在更广泛的行业伙伴关系中——让合作和获得支持变革性研究的资金变得尽可能容易.

From Space to Sport - Capitalising on our Strengths.

我们有近900名学者在中部创新大学从事与太空相关的研究,最先进的莱斯特太空公园正在建设中. 这提供了一个令人兴奋的机会,有很大的潜力来创建一个西米德兰兹空间集群,这是该地区的一个主要优势,应该加以利用.

Thanks to the National Rehabilitation Centre, experts from Loughborough University and University of Nottingham are leading pioneering improvements in clinical rehabilitation (supported by a national network of expertise that includes all MI institutions); we also have the highest number of medical technology companies in the UK – making the region the perfect place for defence and rehabilitation innovation.



Building on success.


A key factor in our creation of the Energy Research Accelerator which was established five years ago with a £60m investment from government.

Now nearing its completion, 我们在中部地区建立了23个新型能源研究和示范设施, delivered £120m in co-investment and shaped the region’s green growth agenda. This is why we are championing for further investment into ERA 2.

If you haven’t already read the report, you can download it here.


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*The eight universities in the Midlands Innovation are Aston University, University of Birmingham, Cranfield University, Keele University, University of Leicester, Loughborough University, University of Nottingham and University of Warwick.

This blog post was written by Dr. Helen Turner the Director of Midlands Innovation. It originally appeared on her LinkedIn profile.

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